Sunday, March 28, 2010

First of many busy weekends

Jon had the boys most of the day Saturday so I could get some work done. In the morning he took them to McDonald's for breakfast and playtime at thier indoor play area. The boys love it there and had a blast. Next they headed to Windsor Locks to check on some things at Dad/Dziadzius house and then a trip to the playground down the street from his house.

Today we had a houseful with my mom's group's annual Easter Party and egg hunt. Thank goodness the rain held off (and actually still has not arrived at 9:15pm) and we were able to have a succesful outdoor egg hunt. It was a fun party and the boys enjoyed having other kids around.

Next weekend is Easter and a visit from Papa & Memere (with rumors that Uncle Anthony will be here too - YAY!). The following weekend we head to MA on Saturday and fly to FL on Sunday and the weekend after is the reverse.

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