Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun with Auntie Rachelle

Auntie Rachelle arrived on Friday evening to spend the weekend with us. The boys were very excited for her visit!

She came with the hopes of seeing Nicholas play his first Tball game on Saturday but our coach canceled our game due to his own conflict .... but that could be a whole other subject. Daddy had to work in the morning on Saturday so Auntie Rachelle and I decided to take the boys to the playground. Benjamin threw a fit in the hall while I took my shower and ended up screaming himself to sleep. So while I stayed home with the sleeping Ben (yes still in the hall) Nicholas led Auntie on a 1.5 mile walk through the backstreets of our neighborhood - he truly does have a great sense of direction and remembers routes he has traveled before very easily. Just as they got back Benjamin woke up and we all headed to the park - Panthorn Park in Southington which we all love. We spent about 1.5 hours and then were all hungry for lunch and so headed home. Daddy got home from work just as we were finishing up our lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon at home hanging around and after dinner Auntie Rachelle and I went out to see The Back-up Plan - a very cute movie that we both enjoyed.

Today Steve came over this morning to go golfing with Jon so we all went out to breakfast at a local dinner before they had to head off to the golf course. Rachelle, the boys and I headed home with a quick stop to Home Depot to pick up some weed control for our veggie garden. We all went outside and they decided the weed spraying I was doing was boring and they headed off to the school playground / track. I am sure the 2 boys are keeping Auntie hopping!

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