Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life is a Circus

especially with 2 little boys in the house! But today we took the kids to see the real Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey's Circus at the XL Center in Hartford. Nicholas loved the whole thing while Benjamin seemed indifferent to it, actually asking when it would be over. I thought it was a great show. After the show we went to PF Changs for some very yummy Chinese food, Nicholas loves Chinese food - no kids meal needed there for him.

I realized today I have had my minivan for 4 years - we bought it Mother's Day 2006 when I was pregnant with Benjamin. Today I spent the later afternoon cleaning out 4 years worth of accumulated toys, trash, dirt, crumbs ....etc out of the car .... amazing what 4 years and 2 kids (ok and 1 mommy) can do to a car - LOL!

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